Welcome to American Eagle Bows! We specialize in quality custom lever action bows.  We also offer aftermarket replacement parts for other bows including Oneida bows.  Check out our American Eagle Bows forum to learn more about American Eagle Bows and other bows including Oneida Eagle Bows. You can purchase our lever-action bows,  accessories, and aftermarket replacement parts for various Oneida bows in our online shopping cart. 

Online sales are done with PayPal. Remember you don't need a PayPal account to make your purchase. Just a credit card at checkout will work. We will do everything we can to answer your questions and provide the services needed. At American Eagle Bows, we want to do everything we can to help you experience the full potential of our high quality lever action bows.

American Eagle Bows is an independent custom lever-action bow company. We are NOT affiliated with C.P. Oneida in anyway, nor are we an  "authorized dealer" of Oneida bows. We do however offer aftermarket parts for other bows including the following lever action bows:  Oneida H250, Oneida H500, Oneida Screaming Eagle, Oneida Tomcat I, Oneida Tomcat II, Oneida Tomcat III, Oneida Tomcat EXP, Oneida Phantom I, Oneida Phantom II, Oneida Screaming Eagle, Oneida Strike Eagle, Oneida Aeroforce, Oneida Lightforce Magnum, Oneida Stealth Eagle, Oneida Black Eagle I, Oneida Black Eagle II, Oneida Osprey, Oneida Talon, Oneida Hawk, Oneida Extreme Eagle, Oneida Falcon, and the Oneida Kestrel.